File a Claim

For the best response time and most effective claim handling, no matter the type of loss, call the new MCC designated Gallagher Bassett 24/7 hotline at (833) MCC-LOSS (833-622-5677).

Applications for special events are now only submitted online. Compared to the triplicate forms, this process is more efficient and eliminates the need for reviewing, processing, and mailing back the completed forms.

Fill out the form associated with your respective (arch)diocese and remember to keep one copy in the vehicle at all times and a copy in the office for tab renewal with the State.

Whether you need a COI for an event, equipment lease or rental, or use of third party space, please fill out the request form in its entirety and we will provide you with the certificate or contact you with questions.

Constructing a new building? Bequeathed a house? Renovating an existing building? In order to have adequate property insurance on any new or renewed structure, please provide us with as much detail as possible on the subsequent form.

For any piece of art not easily replaceable through a church supply company or similar, we need to have a record of it so it’s properly insured.